[16:04] crazymom03: Cool poem/essay
[16:05] djpletch: Of course! I like cookies too
[16:05] GirlNumber20: Feel free to mail them by snail mail.
[16:05] djpletch: Second Life needs these services
[16:06] NotCaroline: Six minutes into class and I'm already hungry...
[16:06] crazymom03: I have a first life prof that keeps promising donuts that never show.
[16:06] crazymom03: NOt sure what is worse
[16:07] JohnnyLegends: Abbey I am in our hometown.
[16:07] abbey1013: Everyone
[16:07] GirlNumber20: values, traditions, arts, ways of being in the world
[16:07] JohnnyLegends: Food
[16:07] w0rdLvr: customs
[16:07] NotCaroline: Things that help us recognize our community.
[16:07] djpletch: The agreed upon reality of a group's shared experience
[16:07] Lifelong Reader: the ways of life of a certain people
[16:07] kmw1020: culture is our age, traditions, social institutions, values, experiences
[16:07] crazymom03: The language, rituals, and values that define a group
[16:08] cmtruesd: culture to me means the the way you see life, the traditions you have and the way you experience the world
[16:08] kmw1020: shared experiences
[16:08] kmw1020: and you can be a part of several cultures, I think.
[16:09] Lifelong Reader: You are from Broadway, NC?
[16:09] Lifelong Reader: That is where I am right now :)
[16:09] kmw1020: that's why I said age "teen culture" :)
[16:09] JRev: I'm working to fix my sound, so just type in here if you're asking me something and I don't respond :)
[16:11] jilltbone: Sorry for the tardiness; my computer went to other worlds for a spell.
[16:11] kmw1020: Aborigines...I built a webquest on the Outback!
[16:17] crazymom03: Triads rule
[16:19] djpletch: I know what Marc Aronson would say
[16:19] NotCaroline: WWAS
[16:25] 2B Writer: How's everybody doing? Readgy to go?
[16:25] kmw1020: 1 more minute
[16:25] 2B Writer: to partner I mean
[16:25] 2B Writer: okay
[16:26] 2B Writer: some may have moved into stage 2 with partner already, I know
[16:27] kmw1020: what's John's screen name?
[16:27] JohnnyLegends: johnnylegends
[16:27] kmw1020: I can't find you to text you..will you text me?
[16:28] JRev: Wait... I don't have a partner
[16:28] JRev: or the ability to hear
[16:28] KingHarris1: i messaged jaime
[16:28] crazymom03: Curtis is parterning with you Jaime.
[16:28] crazymom03: Don't mind my lack of spelling
[16:29] JRev: Oh, ok!
[16:29] 2B Writer: Oh, dear, if you can't hear then stay here but try to listen on ustream
[16:29] 2B Writer: but there's no sound now anyway
[16:31] JRev: I think I fixed it
[16:32] GirlNumber20: I'm having trouble figuring out the IM thing. Is Christine here? I'm not sure of her SL name.
[16:32] djpletch: i've tried to start conversations with you 3 times!
[16:32] djpletch: hold on, i try again
[16:32] djpletch: answer your phone :)
[16:32] GirlNumber20: I've tried to answer...I IM challenged.
[16:33] cmtruesd: Yes?
[16:33] cmtruesd: I'm chatting with Jill
[16:33] djpletch: christine is talking with Jill
[16:33] djpletch: Sonya doesn't like me
[16:33] crazymom03: Doug no one likes you but you do entertain us
[16:33] djpletch: I keep trying to get Sonya to talk to me
[16:33] NotCaroline: doug is chatting with himself
[16:33] djpletch: It's high school all over again
[16:33] GirlNumber20: Good grief. It just keeps saying I've ended the call. I have no idea what I'm doing.
[16:34] djpletch: Hahaha
[16:34] Lifelong Reader: How do we do that?
[16:34] Lifelong Reader: I have always been in the bookhenge!
[16:35] djpletch: Stay in the Henge, Jill, Sonya, Christine. Please someone talk to me this time
[16:35] NotCaroline: I'm not getting the "do you want to teleport there" prompt
[16:36] GirlNumber20: I've sent an IM message -- but I have no idea if it's going through.
[16:36] GirlNumber20: Doug, Are you getting any of these IMs?
[16:37] 2B Writer: brb
[16:40] 2B Writer: interesting variation
[16:48] KingHarris1: lI just thought that comaring our culture to the soanish culture was unfair hyberbole to prove his point
[16:48] KingHarris1: spanish culture is uniquely split
[16:49] KingHarris1: we should always have a dif standard
[16:49] KingHarris1: United States, as a melting pot we are unique also
[16:50] KingHarris1: ok, i like that better
[16:50] KingHarris1: individuality is pronounced
[16:50] KingHarris1: i cant talk
[16:50] KingHarris1: its horrible
[16:50] GirlNumber20: Not a thing.
[16:51] jilltbone: oh man. the general consensus seems to be "go ahead" add another,
[16:51] jilltbone: why not. why stop now, we're on the slippery slope.
[16:52] GirlNumber20: I agree. Certainly, given tensions in this country, we could use literature to promote more understanding.
[16:52] kmw1020: I'm hearing echoes
[16:52] djpletch: can you even hear sonya? Cris was saying you might want to leave and come back to see if it comes together
[16:52] kmw1020: did anyone else ?
[16:52] 2B Writer: thx Doug
[16:54] 2B Writer: Decide yes or no then show up in the bookhenge in 2 minutes. You can do it
[16:54] NotCaroline: K
[16:55] 2B Writer: Okay you guys back to the Bookhenge!
[16:56] crazymom03: Who wants to report?
[16:56] kmw1020: ready! but don't want to go firs!
[16:56] kmw1020: first
[16:56] jilltbone: i love the way the fembots walk back into the henge with such authority!
[16:57] Poll Machine Bookhenge V1.1: Reseting Information...
[16:57] Poll Machine Bookhenge V1.1: Reset Complete
[16:57] kmw1020: red for no is fie :)
[16:57] kmw1020: fine
[16:57] crazymom03: Curtis, Jamie, Abbey - Who is reporting?
[16:57] jilltbone: present.
[17:00] kmw1020: I'll go..but I have a sort of long list... is that okay?
[17:00] 2B Writer: It's okay, Kelly
[17:01] Ajax Quinnell: aidenhsharpe says hello from ustream
[17:03] jilltbone: It's going to market one perspective of that group.
[17:03] jilltbone: The author's, as in all literature.
[17:03] djpletch: well... per year
[17:03] Lifelong Reader: Cloud 9-who wants to take the floor
[17:03] JohnnyLegends: My partner was awesome wasn't she guys.
[17:03] crazymom03: She was Johnny
[17:04] crazymom03: Could anyone name or find an Arab American writer that we might all know?
[17:04] kmw1020: Jill, I meant market the Arab American voice, not one particular author
[17:05] abbey1013: There's a list on Wikipedia
[17:05] crazymom03: Show off.
[17:05] crazymom03: You could have told our group that.
[17:05] jilltbone: yes, i know, but what I'm suggesting is that all authors, in all genres, represent one perspective within a goup.
[17:05] jilltbone: group.
[17:05] KingHarris1: with the lightening the conversations drives in this country its important. There numbers may not be that great but their relevance is, we need to be educated on their experience
[17:06] kmw1020: and I forgot to mention the danger of the single short that we are going to discuss.
[17:06] abbey1013: *hangs head* I was withholding, Shannon.
[17:06] NotCaroline: jill has a sweet echo too
[17:06] kmw1020: I don't think all group members will have the same perspective
[17:06] crazymom03: Their experience totally needs to be heard. I want to know more.
[17:06] KingHarris1: me too, its on every news channesl everyday
[17:07] NotCaroline: we raised that one too: would it make a difference if the arab-american community created the award, or the ALA?
[17:07] Lifelong Reader: Teresa & Carolina-Who is taking the floor?
[17:07] Lifelong Reader: Caroline-sorry!
[17:07] KingHarris1: it matters to everyone in this country.
[17:07] NotCaroline: i don't mind doing it
[17:07] KingHarris1: ala no way, lol, culture should create that
[17:07] cmtruesd: It wasn't an exact quote... I wish I had it! It was in a tv interview :)
[17:08] NotCaroline: @curtis yeah we want it to be born out of culture too
[17:08] Lifelong Reader: Ok sounds good
[17:09] jilltbone: all literature, by nature, is subjective and not wholistically representative.
[17:09] djpletch: all LIFE is!
[17:09] jilltbone: of a group.
[17:09] 2B Writer: Southern writers I've heard say the same
[17:09] NotCaroline: doug is going to write a novel about female menarche
[17:09] NotCaroline: or so he said on my blog thread this week...
[17:09] djpletch: as soon as i find out what menarche is
[17:09] NotCaroline: google it doug, haha
[17:10] jilltbone: history. sci fi
[17:10] djpletch: you want to be a teacher. educate me woman!
[17:10] crazymom03: I think Doug should write about the experience of a Black woman singer
[17:10] djpletch: you don't even know... i made a white boy avatar but WHO AM I?
[17:10] JohnnyLegends: I write about my experience as a teenage werewolf.
[17:11] djpletch: John, I saw your movie. It was incredible
[17:11] NotCaroline: john, your second movie was not quite as incredible, tho
[17:11] djpletch: It needed a vansurfing scene
[17:12] JohnnyLegends: The second movie was my cousins's experience as a teenage werewolf
[17:12] crazymom03: You all could just debate and discuss for days can't you?
[17:12] KingHarris1: yes
[17:12] KingHarris1: we went
[17:12] NotCaroline: @john, haha - i forgot about that
[17:12] kmw1020: Curtis...looking forward to our book!!
[17:12] KingHarris1: lol, me too
[17:12] crazymom03: Your Aronson book talk will be so interesting
[17:13] kmw1020: excited!
[17:13] KingHarris1: we should start trying to get together
[17:13] kmw1020: yes. I'll email you and we'll figure out a time/date
[17:13] KingHarris1: cool
[17:13] KingHarris1: yes!!!
[17:13] jilltbone: they have to want definition!
[17:14] w0rdLvr: everyone needs a voice
[17:14] KingHarris1: most do, but they battle social stereotypes
[17:14] jilltbone: really? convince me.
[17:14] crazymom03: It came out in the late 90s.
[17:14] kmw1020: Jill, what was your question?
[17:15] kmw1020: I missed it
[17:15] jilltbone: convince me that people want to be defined.
[17:15] KingHarris1: see Critical Race THeory for starters
[17:15] KingHarris1: at least for the barriers
[17:15] KingHarris1: i just think all people want validity thats why they act out
[17:15] NotCaroline: I keep thinking of Israel Kama'kwole and his music
[17:15] kmw1020: They want to define themselves on a personal level. I think it's your own experience within a certain culture
[17:16] crazymom03: It is sort of suprising to look at how many well-known and loved books haven't won the "big" awards.
[17:16] KingHarris1: exactly, outsiders always struggle
[17:16] KingHarris1: to understand
[17:16] KingHarris1: thats true of any race or culture or religion
[17:16] KingHarris1: exact;yl
[17:16] w0rdLvr: A question Caroline suggested was "Are we validating the ethnicity of the author or the merit of the literature?"
[17:16] w0rdLvr: sorry
[17:16] crazymom03: I still think that someone on the committee to pick winners have to represent the culture or race they are "honoring"
[17:16] w0rdLvr: that's not about the Printz
[17:17] w0rdLvr: I agree with crazymom
[17:17] jilltbone: @theresa, good point on Caroline's commentary.
[17:17] KingHarris1: we should definte cltural relevance and literary promise
[17:17] KingHarris1: define
[17:17] KingHarris1: tghat is very different ill give you that
[17:17] kmw1020: ha..that's a whole separate "culture" - 50 shades
[17:17] Lifelong Reader: Rob Pattinson might act in that---yum
[17:17] KingHarris1: lol
[17:18] djpletch: Yikes Amanda.
[17:18] Lifelong Reader: Haha
[17:18] Lifelong Reader: Eye candy
[17:18] NotCaroline: he's a nutjob
[17:18] Lifelong Reader: but a nice looking one right?!
[17:19] djpletch: Please stop.
[17:19] abbey1013: Just started reading that
[17:19] djpletch: He makes me feel weird. Not in the good way
[17:19] Lifelong Reader: Sorry Doug. It's hard to contain myself.
[17:19] kmw1020: @ word lvr...same question could be asked about Newberry? Are you validating American citizens or literary quality?
[17:19] NotCaroline: Are we talking about 50 Shades of Gray or Twilight? Or a mash-up?
[17:19] JohnnyLegends: I am reading Middlesex
[17:19] w0rdLvr: exactly, Kelly!
[17:19] JohnnyLegends: Is that YA appropriate?
[17:20] NotCaroline: Is there a 50 shades of gray graphic novel?
[17:20] Lifelong Reader: Rob Pattinson in general
[17:20] JohnnyLegends: I am working on a stage production of 50 shades of grey
[17:20] NotCaroline: @john really? woah buddy
[17:21] crazymom03: In a perfect world we wouldn't need awards
[17:21] NotCaroline: there's actually awards for worst sex scenes in books
[17:21] JohnnyLegends: In a perfect world I would win all the awards
[17:21] djpletch: and we would have robots for friends
[17:21] NotCaroline: 50 shades should go up for that one
[17:23] kmw1020: by the way the word that I couldn't think of earlier when describing Morrison's works was "elements" within her literature. That was driving me crazy not knowing how to phrase it.
[17:34] 2B Writer: Thx, Kelly. Good to hear more from Morrison's perspective as legendary author who happens to be black ;-)
[17:35] kmw1020: Beautiful writer.
[17:35] JohnnyLegends: People are talking, talking about people
[17:37] NotCaroline: doug can transcend gender, he's going to be a great writer about female issues
[17:37] jilltbone: not at this point, no.
[17:37] kmw1020: that's an interesting question (transcending gender)
[17:37] crazymom03: Not really. Northerners don't really get southern life.
[17:37] abbey1013: Not at all. I have always thought of it as a culture
[17:37] JohnnyLegends: I think Southern can stand on its own as a culture
[17:37] jilltbone: that's not true.
[17:37] w0rdLvr: totally agree Abbey
[17:37] NotCaroline: There was a bumpersticker (I think from Quali Ridge): Save Southern LIterature From Itself
[17:37] GirlNumber20: Is the point that it's Southern -- or that white American culture is just another culture too>
[17:37] crazymom03: Speaking as a northerner I say that will all due respect.
[17:37] JohnnyLegends: We have a proud history of literature reflective of our lifestyle
[17:38] JohnnyLegends: I think so.
[17:38] crazymom03: I think there is a southern black literature
[17:38] NotCaroline: i really do think southern lit needs saving from itself
[17:38] JohnnyLegends: Look at Cane by Jean Toomer
[17:39] 2B Writer: http://bookhenge.wikispaces.com/Archived+LIVE+Class,+Oct.+25,+Post-Multicultural?
[17:42] Lifelong Reader: baby issue I have to go
[17:46] Ajax Quinnell: end
[17:46] 2B Writer: thx
[17:46] crazymom03: Done. Love her answer to the annoying student
[17:46] 2B Writer: me2;-)
[17:46] GirlNumber20: back. Great video....
[17:46] jilltbone: an AMAZING speaker!
[17:46] w0rdLvr: Chimamanda Adichie is SO BEAUTIFUL!!!
[17:47] crazymom03: Her name sounds so familiar but I don't recognize the titles of her works.
[17:47] JohnnyLegends: I cannot watch the video and be in second life I will have to watch it later
[17:47] w0rdLvr: so true
[17:47] w0rdLvr: the value of the awards--giving a voice?
[17:51] kmw1020: her statement of how impressionable and vulnerable we are as children speaks to the need and importance of introducing many perspectives
[17:52] crazymom03: Reading Lolita in Tehran tells a story, but not Arab American
[17:55] 2B Writer: Southern
[17:55] 2B Writer: dystopian
[17:55] djpletch: I'm sorry, from life or for this class?
[17:55] djpletch: check
[17:55] w0rdLvr: Chinese
[17:55] crazymom03: Chinese
[17:55] abbey1013: Southern
[17:55] crazymom03: Urban
[17:55] JohnnyLegends: Australian
[17:55] djpletch: Chinese-American OF THE FUTURE
[17:55] GirlNumber20: Gaelic, futuristic, European,
[17:55] djpletch: suburbian
[17:55] w0rdLvr: ditto
[17:56] NotCaroline: Australia, China, S. AFrica (Afrikaner, Native/ Zulu, Xhosa, English)
[17:56] crazymom03: African-American
[17:56] jilltbone: disenfranchised pwt
[17:56] kmw1020: teens,African American, Caucasion, inner city,
[17:56] jilltbone: european
[17:56] KingHarris1: i just got back, was kicked out, what are we doing?
[17:56] NotCaroline: Alabama
[17:56] NotCaroline: Oh wait, no Arkansas
[17:58] NotCaroline: We have reached that point in class when Jaime comes over to dance in front of me
[17:58] crazymom03: Do we email Lit Review Lite or upload somewhere?
[17:59] crazymom03: Okay
[17:59] NotCaroline: no bueno
[17:59] jilltbone: lit lite to blog you say?
[18:00] abbey1013: Is it my turn, Jamie?
[18:00] GirlNumber20: I got kicked out of SL briefly.. Is that just a flukey thing, or is there something I should check before next week?
[18:00] kmw1020: No questions, but really enjoyed our discussions!
[18:00] abbey1013: Jamie and Curtis, do you guys want to meet up after class on Thursday and just add ideas to our Google doc throughout the week?
[18:00] JRev: yessssh
[18:00] djpletch: night all
[18:00] NotCaroline: See everybody next week!
[18:01] jilltbone: lay-doo.
[18:01] abbey1013: Okay, I'll talk to you all on the Google doc.
[18:01] JRev: wait, do you mean for us to go to the lighthouse right now?
[18:01] crazymom03: Sounds good Jamie, Abbey, and Curtis. More ideas we have before next weekend (Nov weekend) the better
[18:01] JRev: or the googledoc
[18:01] KingHarris1: cool, later
[18:01] crazymom03: No Lighthouse now. Next week
[18:01] abbey1013: Oh, no, next week, Jamie
[18:01] JRev: Ok!
[18:01] abbey1013: Night guys.
[18:02] crazymom03: See y'all