The Plan . . .

Archived Class


First Half -- What is sequential art?

We share our selected samples of sequential art.

Fingers crossed that Laia can join us from the Philippines.

Radical Change Revisited: Dynamic Digital Age Books for Youth
Resources for Sequential Art . . . Includes archived live class with Lauren Nicholson, our Sequential Art Consultant

Activity: Is your sequential art selection radical? TitanPad Public Pad . . .

Second Half -- Technology and the Teaching of Literature for Young Adults (topic); Inquiry Question?

Apps Collected via Storify
See embed below
Storify for Seventh Grade "Learning Science Through Digital Technology" Project . . .
Bethany's TitanPad for "Chalk Talk" Critical Thinking Strategy (Brookfield, 2102)

Third Half -- Preparing for Our Peer-Led Collaborative Critical Inquiry for Students

"Connection is why we're here; it's what gives purpose and meaning to our lives." -- Brene Brown: The Power of Vulnerability (TED Talk)
"People who have a strong feeling of love and belonging feel that they are worthy of love and belonging." -- Brene Brown: The Power of Vulnerability (TED Talk)
This TED prez is a powerful one that should help us come up with scaffolding questions for our interdisciplinary inquiry into belonging.

Rubric for Belonging interdisciplinary CCI for students . . .
Planning for Belonging CCI . . .
Strategies for Teaching Critical Thinking . . . Brookfield
Discussion Strategies for Critical Thinking -- Our Curated List

Pedagogical Patterns for Critical Thinking

Reading Apprenticeship -- A model that integrates many content area reading strategies to scaffold literacy and literature instruction so students become autonomous, critical thinkers. Scaffolding for success is vital.

Paideia Seminar Approach -- The National Paideia Institute defines a Socratic seminar as "a collaborative, intellectual dialogue facilitated with open-ended questions about a text." The Paideia Seminar Approach includes a Pre-During-Post seminar activity.

Followthrough from Last Week . . .
Logical Extension:
"Kids [here] have the right to read. They have the right to think and imagine. To see their own world in books. To see other worlds in books." -- Rainbow Rowell

Kids also have a right to create! And, perhaps, in the creating can learn to create the better world they can imagine.
QRB Teen Writers Collective Debut . . .

Wrap Up . . . In the Homestretch . . .

Complete Feedback Wall for tonight . . .

Week 4, Monday, June 9 - Sunday, June 15
Week 4 Collaborative Peer-Led CCI -- Technology and Teaching Literature (Bethany)
Sequential Art Collaborative Book Response due (Wednesday, June 11 midnight) ??? -- More planning to be done in June 5 class (June 5 update: Respond to Sequential Art book by reflecting on the experience of reading this art form in your Critical Reflection. Do read and be prepared to discuss your experience during class time on Thursday, June 12 though).
LIVE Class, Thursday, June 12, 7 pm
Critical Reflection due (Sunday, June 15 midnight) and Assessment Survey for this week Technology-Literacy/Literature CCI.

Week 5, Monday, June 16 - Wednesday, June 25
Nonfiction contribution to Interdisciplinary Collaborative Critical Inquiry due (Wednesday, June 18 midnight) (Sadie leads)
LIVE Class, Thursday, June 19, 7 pm
Final Exam -- Update to Funds of Knowledge Inventory posted (serves as final Critical Reflection, too) (Friday, June 20 midnight) Updated June 12:-- can actually extend to Wednesday, June 25 at 5 pm if you'd like)
Complete very brief evaluation survey for the course -- will be available after final class.
Sometime after you finish your update to your Funds of Knowledge, meet for a brief exit conference. Schedule hwenever you'd like just so it's midnight on Wednesday, June 25.

Additional Resources:
Classroom Library
Ms. Goodell's Seventh Grade Atmosphere Project -- project homepage . . .

Negotiating Diverse Cultures

What's the empathy and creativity connection? Daniel Pink credits empathy as one of the six creative elements or senses and describes it as the basis for understanding each other and learning to collaborate. Pink's theory gives new hope for all of us who believe in the transformative power of literature.

Katrina loves tutoring middle school ESL kids. In her Action Learning Project, you'll see how she pairs poetry and moviemaking to help students reflect on "where they're from" and learn to respect and develop empathy for those from other cultures. So where are you from?

Have you ever heard of the Students' Right to Read? Read specifically The Right to Read section of these guidelines published by the National Council of the Teachers of English.