1. Prepare for the Sequential Art: Radical Change? Collaborative Critical Inquiry

Tools: Blogs

Prepare for the Sequential Art / Graphica Collaborative Critical Inquiry by reading the articles, blogging, and commenting on colleagues' blogs. Additional sequential art resources . . .

Prompts and Readings:

Part 1: So how open to Radical Change in poetry are you? What was your response to "Skeleton Sky"?

Part 2: Learn about Dresang’s Radical Change theory and then reflect on the books you personally have read as well as those you’ve “met” in class discussions and bookcasts to determine what books we've read this semester represent Radical Change and why.

Part 3:Consider graphic novels as examples of Radical Change and how they might be integrated into the English curriculum. See Angela Trythall’s article for one teacher’s story.


Radical Change Revisited: Dynamic Digital Age Books for Youth
It's fascinating to see how things have changed -- and haven't. There's more about Dresang's theory in eReserves if you'd like to learn more:

Motivating Students with Graphic Novels and Technology
First take a look at and then read her article -- by Angela Trythall (ECI 2008 alumnae). Submitted to the English Teacher for publication.

Graphic Novels 101: Special Guest Lauren Nicholson
Lauren aka Serenity Engineer, founding member of the Eva Perry Mock Printz Club and now working as a librarian while she completes her Masters in Library Science, will share her love and knowledge of sequential art / graphica when she visits the Bookhenge for our Oct. 11 LIVE Class. You can reflect on this part of our Sequential Art CCI and your Sequential Art Book Club in this session's Critical Reflection Post.

2. Collaborate with Sequential Art Book Club

Tools: Your Choice of Multimedia Tools

Pitch a YA Sequential Art title to attract at least two other readers to commit to a book club or choose to join a book club already pitched. Organize your club and meet at least once in Second Life to discuss your book and plan a creative way to share the book with the class. You may opt for a bookcast (or other multimedia artifact or a LIVE facilitated experience) for our live class (October 11). If you need any help preparing to present your artifact/experience in the Bookhenge, just be sure to let me know beforehand. Be sure to post this artifact to your blog -- perhaps in your Critical Reflection post for the session -- and tweet and tag.