The best assessments are indistinguishable from the learning. Each week you'll pause to reflect on your accomplishments and update your Reflective Assessment Process (RAP) created on Google Docs. To learn how to create your Reflective Assessment Process (RAP), see the Googleglot . . . (Personal Learning Space/Environment).

Here are Assessment descriptions. You’ll find Project Specs and Rubrics in a table below and included in the Reflective Assessment Process template (Google Docs).

You'll find in the Class Schedule of the Syllabus and the Google Docs RAP template that the possible points for each week are listed. The focus is on autonomy, mastery, and purpose (Pink, 2010) and if you hold to these and work consistently with careful reflection and self-assessment, then you'll be successful in the course and the numbers will reflect that. That's the perspective we advice teachers to take -- teach well and the test scores will come as a consequence. Same principle -- learn well and the grades will reflect your learning.

Relative Grade Evaluations

10% -- Pre- and Post- Funds of Knowledge Inventory
You’ll begin the course by inventorying what you bring to the course in terms of the three course outcomes and set personal goals. At the end of the course, you’ll review your Pre-FOKI and update it.

45 % -- Weekly Activities and Action Items
Formative assessment continues with an activities and action items for each week. Students complete the activities and action items and then reflect/self-assess in their Reflective Portfolio (RAP). Weekly activities relate to one of our three projects (see below).

15% -- Stone Soup: Contributions to Class via Personal Learning Environment
This is a living course that grows from personal knowledge and resources that each student brings. There’s no content delivery but content creation as we work through a format that I’ve designed with hopefully enough space for freedom to stretch and evolve to serve the goals of this particular group. You will share in the content creation by contributing relevant resources that you discover via “nearly now” technology – Twitter; bookmarking – Diigo; and blogging – your choice of blogging tools; your contributions to the collaborative VoiceThreads, your bookcasts posted on YouTube, and your participation in our live seminars and book clubs. You may suggest additional tools that you and others may find helpful.

30% -- Action Learning Project
You’ll choose a relevant inquiry question, design a project, and then implement some aspect of the project and evaluate it. You’ll then produce a multimedia report (video) that you’ll present during our Action Learning Celebration. The basic ALP is valued at 20% and to earn an additional 10% (required for an exemplary grade of A) you must also write a literature review-lite to inform your project design.

Weekly activities will come from these three projects:

Project 1: Evaluating Literary Quality of Young Adult Literature -- The 2011 Printz & Melinda Awards (20 pts.)
  • Three Multimedia Bookcasts (5 pts. each)
    Read and bookcast three books from the Eva Perry 2011 short list or the 2011 official Printz honorees.

  • VoiceThread on Literary Quality (3 pts.)
    Read Melina Marchetta's Finnikin of the Rock and contribute to a VoiceThread on literary quality

  • Melinda Awards for Young Adult Literature (2 pts.)
    Co-star in the Melinda Awards for Young Adult Literature with the Eva Perry Mock Printz Club. This virtual meeting is streamed into Second Life to share with other educators (3 points).

Project 2: Trends and Issues in Young Adult Literature -- Literature for Global Citizenship and Intellectual Freedom (Collaborative Critical Inquiries) (21 pts.)
  • Collaborative Critical Inquiries (6 X 2 pts. each)
    Engage in collaborative critical inquiries (reading and blogging in preparation for real-time virtual seminars on contemporary issues in the teaching of literature for young adults. Issues/topics include: theories and praxis, the role of young adult literature in the curriculum (the promise and peril), what is multicultural literature?, the place of nonfiction, evolving forms such as graphic novels, and intellectual freedom and censorship.

  • Genre Book Clubs (3 X 3 pts. each)
    Self-select titles from specific genres (mulitcultural, nonfiction, and graphic novels) representing a diversity of cultures to read and discuss in virtual book clubs and prepare collborative bookcasts.

Project 3: Virtual Author Study -- Australian Melina Marchetta (4 pts.)
  • Virtual Author Study (3 pts.)
    Choose an additional book by our young adult author of the year, internationally-acclaimed Melina Marchetta, discuss this book in a virtual book club, contribute interview questions to a wiki.

  • Participation in Marchetta Interview (1 pt.)
    Meet with the author in Second Life. Other educators are invited to join us

Project Specs, Rubrics, & Exemplars

ECI 521: Learning Through Literature with Young Adults is designed as a series of projects. Some projects are a session in duration while others may continue for several sessions or even throughout the semester.

Project Specs include a description of the project, the specific objectives, exemplars, a directions checklist, and a rubric.

A hallmark of this course is that we use technology to share what we learn so, in effect, are working for a greater purpose beyond our own classrooms (present or future). Based on Kearsley and Shneiderman's (1999) Engagement Theory, we share the products of our project work through a process of "collaborate, create, and contribute."

You'll see many references to events and productions in the Project Specs. These are real-time project culminations/celebrations shared with the world from our virtual classroom on North Carolina State's Wolflands in Second Life. All live events are produced on Monday nights from 7 to 9 pm ET.

Note: Project Specs below are presented in pdf format. They are also linked from the Reflective Assessment Portfolio template for easy access as you complete your weekly review.

Project Specs
pdf (printable format)
FOKI -- Pre and Post
external image pdf.png [[file/view/project_specs_FOKI.pdf|project_specs_FOKI.pdf]]
external image pdf.png [[file/view/PreFOKI-Embracing Technology and the Entire Universe of Literature.pdf|PreFOKI-Embracing Technology and the Entire Universe of Literature.pdf]]

external image pdf.png [[file/view/PreFOKI-The Powerful Nature of Literature.pdf|PreFOKI-The Powerful Nature of Literature.pdf]]

Evaluating Literary Quality

external image pdf.png [[file/view/project_specs_melinda_awards.pdf|project_specs_melinda_awards.pdf]]
Poemcast of "A Road Less Traveled" by Robert Frost – A Hard Choice
Bones of Iraq
The Cardturner
Shiver(Note Common Craft style)
Punkzilla (Note use of ToonDoo to create images)

More bookcasts -- You'll see some incredibly creative bookcasts here. Some may seem
more like book trailers and a few have copyright issues. I've tried to add notes to identify problems.

Trends and Issues

Collaborative Critical Inquiries
external image pdf.png [[file/view/project_specs_collabcritinquiries.pdf|project_specs_collabcritinquiries.pdf]]
external image pdf.png [[file/view/Exemplar - Multicultural.pdf|Exemplar - Multicultural.pdf]]
external image pdf.png [[file/view/Exemplar-Nonfiction.pdf|Exemplar-Nonfiction.pdf]]
Genre Book Clubs
external image pdf.png [[file/view/project_specs_genre_book_clubs.pdf|project_specs_genre_book_clubs.pdf]]
The Arrival
The Wall

Virtual Author Study -- Spring Sessions Only

external image pdf.png [[file/view/project_specs_virtualauthorstudy.pdf|project_specs_virtualauthorstudy.pdf]]
See previous Virtual Author Study Culminations with Laurie Halse Anderson (2010) and John Green (2008)
Action Learning Project (with Literature Review)
external image pdf.png [[file/view/project_specs_ALP.pdf|project_specs_ALP.pdf]]
Multimedia Reports
History and Context in the English Classroom
How to Choose Books for Young Adults
Tailoring WebQuests to Target Creativity
Multicultural Literature and Moviemaking for ESL

Literature Reviews-Lite

external image pdf.png [[file/view/Teen Reactions to Young Adult Literature and Teacher Choice.pdf|Teen Reactions to Young Adult Literature and Teacher Choice.pdf]]

external image pdf.png [[file/view/Using WebQuests to Encourage Creativity Among Students Working with Young Adult Literature.pdf|Using WebQuests to Encourage Creativity Among Students Working with Young Adult Literature.pdf]]