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"The Danger of a Single Story" (Full length version) -- Chimamanda Adichie
(Note The Neuroscience of Your Brain on Fiction article)

Mirrorbox: The Story of How Art Became Science
(Resist temptation! Watch only until 5:03 . . . out cue, Lei Sook Liew, Neuoscience PhD: " . . . it changes how they see people).

The Mirror Box -- more on the application . . .

The Emphatic Civilization by Jeremy Rifkin -- don't miss the RSAanimate video to learn about mirror neurons.

Sarah MacLachan's World on Fire recommended for teaching about global poverty and microlending by Bill Ferriter, Salem Middle School, Apex, NC.



The Plan

Begin with an Essay . . .
Naomi Shihab Nye's "Wandering Around an Albuquerque Terminal"

Compelling questions . . .
1. What really is multicultural literature and is the term still relevant?
2. What is multicultural literature's place in the curriculum?
3. What is the danger of the "single story?"
4. What is empathy and can we teach it through literature?


Bookhenge- Sonya, Doug, Jill, and Christine

Island Lighthouse 􀀃-- Shannon, Curtis, Abbey, Jamie (Quirk Alert: If you miss the sit balls with your cursor then you'll end up on the bench one story up.)

Cloud 9 --􀀀 Teresa, Amanda, and Caroline

Solar System 􀀂--
Kelly, Alden, John, and Sarah
(Be sure and turn around to see nearest planet)

Activity #1

Discussion Web

Individual 1. Make your decision after taking both sides and providing any evidence-based documentation from your reading that you can.

Pair 2. Join with one other person in your group and try to reach consensus. No cop-outs. Note sticking points.

Quartet 3. Join with another pair to try and reach consensus. No cop-outs. Note sticking points.

G8 4. Now join with another quartet (Cloud 9 join Bookhenge Group and Island Lighthouse teleport to Solar System Group) and attempt to reach consensus. No cop-outs. Note sticking points.

Whole Class 5. Report out to the class. Include consensus reached & any sticking points


Should the American Library Association create an Arab American Award to recognize the artistic expression of the Arab American experience by Arab American authors and illustrators?
Yes l No


Activity #2

Individual 1. Watch 6-minute clip from TED video: "The Danger of a Single Story" by Chimamanda Adichie

Individual 2. List the titles of the YA books you've read this semester.

Individual 3. Identify whose stories were told.

Individual 4. Consider whose stories were not told.

Individual 5. Whose stories / which cultures should be included in "multicultural?"

Whole Class 6. Share findings.


Activity #3 Reflections on empathy?


What is empathy?

Why do you think Dan Pink included empathy as one of the six elements of creativity?

How can literature serve as a medium for cultivating empathy?

Resource: Cultivating Empathy ScoopIt Collection

Video: The Mirrorbox
Watch first 5:03 minutes.

Activity #4 Critical Reflections on Collaborative Inquiry

Book Club Self – and Peer-Review Rubric


Time Management
Working with Others
Quality of Work

Virtual or Actual Book Clubs –
Advice for Teachers and Students
Step 1: Reflect upon your work in book clubs and discuss what went well and what your groups and you would need to work on for more success.

Step 2: Work with our class to compile a list of tips & strategies for both teachers and students


Session 10: Post-Multicultural?
1.Post CR on Session 10. (AOK if post by 11:59pm Thurs., Nov. 1)
2.RAPPost-MC CCI(AOK if post by 11:59, Thurs.)
3.Lit Review Lite(11:59,Sun,Oct28)

Session 11: Intellectual Freedom
1. VoiceThreadPost #1 Tuesday, Oct.30, 11:59pm, Post #2, Wed., Oct.30, 11:59pm
2. Post CR Post; 3. RAP IF CCI

Field Trip? Link to NC State Wolflands