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Request for Reconsideration of Instructional Resources

Cassie's Biology ALP using Science Tradebooks

"War" Interdisciplinary, Multigenre, Multiliteracies Project

Do protest have value? (Amanda, Caroline, John, and Teresa)

Who decides the validity of protests ( Curtis, Jamie, Abbey, and Shannon)

Traditional or alternative protests? (Jill, Sonya, and Doug)

Is the world educationally flat? (Kelly, Alden, ...)

Paideia Seminar on Emily Dickinson's #1129
National Paideia Center -- Chapel Hill, NC

Resources for Further Inquiry . . .

Teaching as a Design Science -- Emily Pilloton's Studio H Project in Bertie County, NC

Fiction & Nonfiction Interdisciplinary Unit, Fever 1793 by Laurie Halse Anderson and Jim Murphy's An American Plague
Katie's FeverQuest, interactive WebQuest using Web 2.0 tools

Creating an Actively Literate School Culture -- see Earth Science teacher's use of Karen Hesse's Out of Dust to help students understand the era of the Dust Bowl.

Charles and Emma -inspired bookcast


(Note The Neuroscience of Your Brain on Fiction article)

Mirrorbox: The Story of How Art Became Science
(Resist temptation! Watch only until 5:03 . . . out cue, Lei Sook Liew, Neuoscience PhD: " . . . it changes how they see people).

The Mirror Box -- more on the application . . .

The Emphatic Civilization by Jeremy Rifkin -- don't miss the RSAanimate video to learn about mirror neurons.

Sarah MacLachan's World on Fire recommended for teaching about global poverty and microlending by Bill Ferriter, Salem Middle School, Apex, NC.

Bank of Nerdfighteria

"I Will Be a Hummingbird!" Story told by Nobel Peace Laureate Wangari Maathai

The Empty Bowls Project (Paideia Project -- beginning and ending seminar)

Project Justice
Kim Wilkens's Middle School Social Justice Project

Paideia Seminar on Emily Dickinson's #1129
National Paideia Center -- Chapel Hill, NC


Sources for Nonfiction Tradebooks

Recasting Students and Teachers as Designers -- Project 1, Harvard
Diane Laurillard's Teaching as a Design Science

Creative Nonfiction --true stories, well told