Nonfiction, the Neglected Stepchild

Begin with a Poem . . .

We begin with two poems, "To You" and "Langston's Time," Langston Hughes and Henry Workman


Variations on a Theme . . .

"I wasn’t alive when Langston Hughes wrote poetry,
but he taught me about the way things were
and the way they ought to be . . ."

Henry Workman was a middle grades student when he wrote these lines in response to his study of Langston Hughes' poems. It is a fitting tribute to not only one of America's all-time greatest poets but to the value of learning about history through the artist's eye. Or about learning to read the world through a scientist's eye.

Session Overview

Essential Question: What is the role of nonfiction in learning through literature with young adults?

In this session we consider how we can bring balance of fiction and nonfiction to the curriculum. We will engage in a Collaborative Critical Inquiry that includes blogging, learning from the blogs of others, and then bringing our new thinking to a live seminar in the Bookhenge.


Nonfiction Backstory and Resources


Nonfiction CCI