Literature as Exploration

"Literature helps us ask better questions." -- Alberto Manquel

Krystal asked questions for her Action Learning Project about the value of historical fiction for creating a context for learning history. You'll see in her project multimedia report what she learned.

Whether our questions have to do with how Yellow Fever ravaged Philadelphia in 1793 or how to interest students enough so that they want to read a book about how Yellow Fever ravaged Philadelphia in 1793, literature can help us learn to ask better questions. And learning and teaching is all about asking the right questions.

Topic Overview

How can we harness the power of transformative pedagogy; well-respective literary, literacy, and learning theories; and technology to improve the social futures of all of our students and prepare them to participate fully in the democratic process and pursuit of social justice?

In this session, you will collaborate with colleagues by contributing to the "Surfing Through the Waves of Change" VoiceThread.


Constructing Our Learning Through Literature with Young Adults Theoretical Framework